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The South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SASCH). SASCH is a division of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) and for the past few years has been awarded the commendation for the most active division of the Society.

SASCH presents courses in clinical hypnosis to professionally registered psychologists, M1, M2, intern psychologists and registered Masters Psychology students.

Clinical hypnosis is a dynamic therapeutic intervention, which is time and cost effective, enabling the professional to stay within medical aid limits! The public interest in clinical hypnosis is growing rapidly as persons discover the benefits of undergoing clinical hypnosis. It is, therefore, important that trained professionals, rather than lay counsellors, offer clinical hypnosis with responsibility and expertise.

After completion of an elementary course in clinical hypnosis, a professional can undergo further training on intermediate and advanced level in other modalities of clinical hypnosis, to suit the personal therapeutic style of each psychologist.

The training usually consists of a four-day course, at an affordable cost. The SASCH Elementary course is accredited with 28 CEU points.

The Society also presents one-day workshops on various topics, as well as an annual Congress.

SASCH is an active Society consisting of professionals who want to learn about and promote clinical hypnosis as a valuable, safe and effective therapeutic technique in the hands of a trained professional.

Basic 4 or 5 day training by certain other institutions is acknowledged, making further training by SASCH very accessible. Our trainers are world class.

Please pass this information on to colleagues who might also be interested in training in clinical hypnosis.



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